KVELL is an Austrian company providing innovative solutions to encourage the well-being of consumers by offering premium products and experiences surrounding the quintessence of life — water.

Water is central to KVELL's business and it all begins with the first drop. Learn more about KVELL's brand waterdrop™ here.



Water is life. It is ab­so­lute­ly every­thing. A unique and amazing com­pound, water is the single most val­uable re­source on our planet. KVELL and its brand waterdrop™ are built on the company's commit­ment to water.


Our cont­inual focus is on well-being. The company's passion is en­hanc­ing per­sonal choice by of­fer­ing healthy, high-quality pro­ducts which lever­age the power­ful ben­efits of water.


Designs by KVELL mirror the company’s ded­i­cation to of­fer­ing ex­cept­ional qual­i­ty, function­ality, and aes­thet­ics. We strive to pro­vide a unique customer ex­perience with every pro­duct.


We are cons­cious of our nat­ural sur­roundings and em­brace sus­tain­able com­mercial prac­tices. KVELL is there­fore fully ded­icated to re­ducing the carbon footprint through the use of eco-friendly re­sources.


Prou­dly Euro­pean, KVELL’s prod­ucts and brands em­body the spir­it of the Aus­trian alpine region by drawing on the sym­biotic relation­ship be­tween the Alps and water as a source of in­spiration and re­flection.


Continually challenging ourselves to be leaders and corporate ambassadors for best practices is a commitment KVELL takes seriously. The team at KVELL is dedicated to maintaining standards of the highest quality by delivering sustainable products which consistently respect our core resource — water.